Maxton Waller is a composer and multi-instrumentalist living in Los Angeles, California with a formidable output and unparalleled work ethic. He has been writing and performing music professionally since the age of 10. In 2007, he moved to Los Angeles and got his start in good old-fashioned rock and roll. After a few cross-country tours, he leapt to film composing and never looked back. You can hear his scores across television and the internet; the Hulu Original Series RocketJump: The Show”, Stan Lee’s animated series Cosmic Crusaders”, all 108 episodes of the children’s series “SpacePOP”, and literally (not metaphorically) dozens of YouTube videos with views in the hundreds of millions. In addition to scoring, Maxton has written songs placed in the Netflix Original Series Marvel’s The Defenders”, CBS’ reboot of “MacGyver”, “Video Game High School”, “Sons of Anarchy”, The MLB network, and countless others. He has studied at some of the greatest music schools in the country; The Musician’s Institute and the Berklee College of Music. Maxton is highly-regarded for his deep understanding of music, easy-going personality, and fast turnaround. There’s a reason you’ll see the same studios hire him repeatedly - Maxton is a musical force of nature and he elevates every project he works on. 


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